Dark ride project in Tivoli gardens, Copenhagen.

The scope of the project was to incorporate true life animations on flat screens and hereby conveying an illusion of a Time travel using an existing dark ride (Mad House type) where the audience is seated on a giant swing inside a revolving drum which both can move independently of each other and thereby giving the audience the feeling of revolving 360 degrees although the actual movement only of the swing is only 30 degrees to either side. The flat screens where to be experienced as windows in the Time machine.

The extra layer of animation would upgrade the experience considerably giving a new dimension to the ride.

Moayad Fahmi and his company were in the project fore the whole ride so to speak. Together with Jonathan Gress Wright Senior architect from the Tivoli Design department, we came up with the final concept working thru a long series of different fazes on evolving the story.

Using animations as “windows” give great restraints on what can be shown. Cinematic effects like crosscutting and close-ups can not be used in this atmosphere as everything has to be “real time”.

Moayad Fahmi’s insight in the world of animation was crucial for the project. He put up the guidelines/timelines fore the animation part and contributed with astonishing graphics giving the project the visual identity which was crucial in the early stages of planning.

Preliminary visualisation of time capsule supervised and directed by Moayad Fahmi
Tivoli_TimeConcept3 Tivoli_TimeConcept2 Tivoli_TimeConcept1

Concept for the journey through Time machine to the Ice Age, artwork by Steven Stahlberg.
Tivoli_Time_IceAge1 Tivoli_Time_IceAge2 Tivoli_Time_IceAge Tivoli_Time_IceAge3

Other concept ides was developed for the project. Here is some concept art done by
Moayad Fahmi & Steven Stahlberg
Tivoli_DemonHouse2 Tivoli_DemonHouse1

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